Classic Rib AG Panels

We carry 3′ wide, 5 Rib Ag panel, which has a Siliconized Modified Polyester paint system by Valspar. The best in the business.
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Classic Rib AG Metal Panel
Classic Rib AG Metal Panel


Features and Benefits of Classic Rib Panels

  • Classic Rib Panels are easy to install, and they can be installed over shingles in most instances.
  • Suitable for Residential and Commercial applications
  • Classic Rib is installed with grommeted screws, that seal as they penetrate the metal.
  • 36” wide coverage – We cut panels to your specified length!
  • 29 Gauge metal, which is thicker than panels supplied at most Big Box Stores.
  • We use the latest in metal technology — Galvalume, which is Aluminum impregnated steel. The metal itself will resist rusting for 25 years. To learn more, read about the differences between Galvalume and Galvanized metal, at the Web site of one of our suppliers:
    Sheffield Metals Learning Center
  • 40-year Siliconized Modified Polyester paint system, backed by United Steel Supply’s Warranty
  • Homeowners can expect lower heating and cooling bills due to the reflectivity of radiant heat
  • Homeowners don’t have to worry about shingles blowing off or roof leaks. Put it on, you are done for 40 years. With the cost of a new shingle roof averaging around $12000, you will save the cost of a reroof at 15 years of age.

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